Wat Pa Huay Lad temple in Phu Ruea, Loei

Wat PA Ban Huai Lat

Wat Pa Huay Lad temple is in Phu Ruea, in the province of Loei. The temple is off the main Loei to Phu Ruea highway. The side road leading to the temple is about two kilometers before Phu Ruea.

Let’s explore this fantastic temple.

What is Wat Pa Huay Lad temple?

Wat Pa Huay Lad temple is at the base of a mountain surrounded by trees producing a very tranquil, peaceful setting. The roof of the temple can be seen from the main Phu Ruea to Loei road. The temple is very ornate — an excellent example of Thai architecture.

huai lat front
The front of Wat Pa Huay Lad temple
Wat Pa Huay Lad temple entrance
The stairs leading to Wat Pa Huay Lad temple.

Outside the temple

As you enter the car park, you see the scale of the temple and the beautiful surroundings.

As you move towards the temple, you see the stairs that lead up to the main entrance doors. The doors are impressive.

As you reach the top of the stairs, you will see drums and gongs. These are for people to hit once they have completed their religious routine of ‘tum boon.’ Tum boon is the activity of giving, in Buddhism, this is encouraged to create good Karma. If you are kind and giving, then you will receive kindness and useful things for your kind acts.

Thai people are very superstitious and follow their religious rituals to the letter. They firmly believe that their lives will get better if they do these things. So if you see someone in the middle of a ritual, please give them space and do not interrupt them.

You will notice that each drum or gong has a note to tell people how many times they are to hit to complete their ritual.

It is important to follow the instructions on the note, it is part of the ritual. Certain numbers have importance.

Inside the temple

Once you go through the main door, you enter into a large central hall. At the far end is a giant white Buddha statue, and also two rows of gold-colored statues of prominent monks from Thailand’s past.

Wat PA Ban Huai Lat
The Buddha statue and gold statues
Wat PA Ban Huai Lat
The main hall

How to complete the religious ritual

Just inside the main entrance doors on the right, you will see a counter of flowers. These flowers are there for visitors that wish to participate in the religious ritual. If you take some flowers, please donate for the upkeep of the temple.

Take your flowers and go to the front of the giant white Buddha statue. You will see a small figure of a monk. It is in front of this monk that you should sit and place your flowers.

Next to the statue of the monk is Thai text, which is a sermon of the monk.  Thai people will place the flowers near the monk and then put their hands together. They will read the sermon and then ask the monk to help them with their requests.

The request could be for good health, job security, happiness or anything that is important.

After you have finished your request, you then go back outside to where you saw the three drums/gongs. You hit each one in turn according to the instructions.

The hitting is part of the ritual and adds extra weight to your request. A sort of  ‘please’ make my request come true.

The temple grounds

Outside the temple just off to the left is a coffee shop, there are also restroom facilities and a small mini-mart. The coffee shop is close to the trees — a beautiful calm place to take a coffee break and admire the views.

Wat PA Ban Huai Lat
The coffee shop
Wat PA Ban Huai Lat
The entrance to the coffee shop

Where is Wat Pa Huay Lad temple?

Wat Pa Huay Lad temple is only a few kilometers from Phu Ruea. Here is the temple on Google maps.


If you plan to visit Phu Ruea, then Wat Pa Huay Lad temple is worth a visit. The temple building and its interior are very beautiful. The temple grounds are peaceful and tranquil. The nice coffee shop near the car park gives a great opportunity to take a break.

If you are looking for things to do in Phu Ruea, then I would highly recommend Phu Ruea National Park. It is only a few kilometers from Wat Pa Huat Lad temple.

To find out more information, please read my ‘Phu Ruea National Park‘ post.


How you ever been to Wat Pa Huay Lad temple?

Have you ever been to Phu Ruea?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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