Huai Krathing

So that our guests have the opportunity to explore the beauty that Loei province has to offer, we are able to organise tours within the province of Loei.

Below we have listed the tours that are currently very popular with a short description and price. Other tours are available. For more details and photographs please click on the title of the tour.

1. The ‘Four Site Tour’. ( From 1,500 baht)

This tour goes to four great sites. The first is ‘Kun Ming Muang Loei’, then to ‘Phiang Din Waterfall’, then to ‘Fuji Muang Loei’ and finally to ‘Suan Sawun’. The tour leaves the guest house between 08:00 and 9:00 and returns between 16:00 and 17:00. There is a fair amount of walking on this tour so suitable walking shoes are highly recommended. The fee includes car, driver and fuel. All other costs are not included. For more information, photographs and a breakdown of all other costs please click here.

2. Huai Krathing drop off and pick up. ( 1 to 3 people 600 baht)

Huai Krathing is a beautiful reservoir just 20 km from Loei town centre. At Huai Krathing there are vendors that have roofed bamboo rafts for rent, they also have an extensive food menu. The vendor will organise someone to push your raft out to the middle of the reservoir that is surrounded by green mountains, so that you can swim, eat, sleep or just relax anyway you wish. The 600 baht fee is for one drop off and one pick up at the time of your choosing. For more information and photographs please click here.

3. Chiang Khan. ( 1 to 3 people 1000 baht)

Chiang Khan is a beautiful small district town on the Mekong River. Over the last few years the town has developed into a popular tourist destination for Thais and foreign visitors.Chiang Khan has maintained its traditional identity by ensuring that buildings in the town centre keep to a traditional Thai wooden style. As you walk through the main streets you will see hotels, restaurants, banks, retails outlets all having their own Thai traditional style that fits in so well and makes walking through Chiang Khan interesting and picturesque. The tour arrives in plenty of time for the sunset on The Mekhong River. From there you can walk to the famous Chiang Khan walking street which is about 1 kilometre long you can wander there till your hearts content. The 1000 baht fee is for one car journey there and one back, the car can seat up to three people. For more information and photographs please Click here

4. Phu Ruea and Huai Krathing tour. ( From 1,700 baht)

This tour takes in both Phu Ruea town and Huai Krathing reservoir. The tour goes to Phu Ruea first to view local temples or waterfalls as required, then visits the Phu Ruea National Park. Phu Ruea National park is famous for its beautiful views and having the coolest temperatures during the cold season. On the return leg the tour then visits Huai Krathing reservoir, a great place to relax on a bamboo raft and get some great local Thai food. For more information and pictures of Phu Ruea National Park, click here.For more information and pictures of Huai Krathing reservoir, click here.


5 thoughts on “Friendly Thai Tours

  1. Hi John and Tai,
    I’m interested in doing this tour, can you please let me know which day this weekend you may do it
    ….if you go!!

    Sarah Miller

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I am available to do the four site tour this Saturday. I usually leave at around 08:30 and get back at about 16:00 or so. Just let me know.

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