The four site tour

The four site tour is a great way to see four attractions in Loei,Thailand. This tour takes you to four wonderful places in one full day. The tour leaves between 08:00 and 09:00 and arrives back between 16:00 and 17:00. The fee for this tour includes car, driver and fuel. All other costs are not included. The other costs for each site are detailed in the listings below. This tour is also subject to availability, kindly contact us in advance should you wish to do this tour.

Kun Ming Muang Loei

The first stop is  ‘Khun Ming Muang Loei’,  which is a park of limestone rock formations that has been formed over millions of years. The view from the top of the park is very beautiful and resembles Khun Ming in China, hence the name.

The visitor car park and visitor centre are surrounded by street venders offering food and drinks made to order so a great chance to build up energy levels before starting the trail.

Before entering Khun Ming Muang Loei park you must buy a ticket at the visitor centre, the price is 100 baht for each group of no more than ten.This comes with a guide who will lead you up to the view point talking about interesting facts and scenery on route, the guides speak little English but the beautiful scenery speaks for itself.

There are two options for visitors to get to the view point. One option is get a tractor ride to the foot of the stairs leading to the view point, this involves a short walk up the stairs to the view point. The second option is to follow the nature trail to the top, this trail is about one and a half kilometres.

The nature trail is quite difficult as it follows a route through the limestone rocks, at one point you have to get down low to almost a crawl to go under a rock formation, this is only for a metre or so.

The trail takes you through the rock formations and forest.

The trail takes about forty or so minutes walking at a leisurely pace, there are rest points on the way to the top. The top has a viewing area that allows for some great photographs.

Once you have reached the top there is a route down to a side area that has Thai tractors waiting to take visitors back to the visitor centre. There are also souvenir vendors here selling local handicrafts. The fee for the tractor is 20 baht per person, the ride back is about 1 km. Some people choose to walk back.

The guides receive little if any salary so rely on tips. Please offer a tip if you feel you have had a good tour.

Here is a photo gallery of Kun Ming Muang Loei.

Phiang Din Waterfall.

The second stop is Phiang Din waterfall, this waterfall is very close to Khun Ming Muang Loei. The water comes from underground so there is water all year round.

The waterfall is quite small but is a nice little rest spot. Many people come here to have a picnic at the foot of the waterfall.

On hot days it is not unusual to find children playing in the water to keep cool.

There is no entrance fee or any other costs here.

Phu Pa Por.

The third stop is Phu Pa Por, which is about 3km from Khun Ming Muang Loei.

Phu Pa Por has recently opened and is quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction. There is a new visitor and car park area. There are a number of food and souvenir vendors that are around the edge of this car park and visitor centre.

Under a roofed section at the top of the car park is the desk for buying your ticket, the charge is 60 baht per person for the round trip. The tractors will be lined up just outside this area.

The way to the top follows a single track road through the countryside. The view either side of the route up is very beautiful, the slow tractor ride up gives visitors a chance to take in some great scenery while enjoying a unique way of travel. There are seats at the front and back of each tractor. Sitting on the front seat on the way up gives unobstructed views.

In all there are four viewing points, the tractor will stop at each in order for you to get off and take some pictures. The fourth point requires a bit of a climb as the tractor can not go up the small path to the final point. The climb is about 220 metres up a set of steps carved into the hill.

The last view point is worth the short climb, you have a great view of the surrounding valley.

Suan Sawun

Suan Sawun is the forth stop. It is about 6 km from Khun Ming Muang Loei and is still relatively unknown.

The cost to enter is 100 baht for a group of no more than 10 people. Suan Sawun also provides a guide for each group. The tractor ride is 20 baht per person for the ride in and ride back.

Suan Sawun is a rock garden similar to Khun Ming but here you are guided through the caves underneath the rock formations.

The trail is a little more challenging here as some of the trail is loose stones and rocks with steel platforms scattered along the trail in the most uneven or steep places.

Once you enter you immediately encounter rock faces, caves, tree and plant roots. It is a sight to behold that such a place can be accessed like this.

Each group is led by a guide who will constantly stop to point out interesting facts and rock formations that look similar to various animals. The guides also have torches to help light the way in the darker parts of the cave.

The park highlight is a cave that can only be accessed from a small opening that has a short ladder descending down into the cave. Once at the bottom you will need to crouch down for a few metres then you are able to stand upright.

Once inside this cave you will be met with what wonder nature can achieve when left for a few million years.

The guides receive little if any salary so rely on tips. Please offer a tip if you feel you have had a good tour.

There are many photo opportunities here, as you can see from the following photo gallery.

If you are interested in this tour kindly contact us on 0956207570 or send an email to [email protected] All tours are subject to availability and subject to change at anytime.

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