Cotton weaving.

Thai Fabric weaving at Ban Kang Pla in Loei, Thailand.

Thai fabric weaving.
Thai fabric weaving.
Weaving machines.
A view of the machines used to weave.

In Ban Kang Pla the community have got together to form a group that weaves goods from Thai Loei fabric to then sell in their on site retail outlet. This fabric is unique to this province. They welcome visitors to come to watch them while they work. Visitors have permission to take pictures or to record videos.

There is a shop next to the weaving machines that stocks textiles that have been weaved by the villagers with other items that they have purchased to sell.

There is a collection of shirts, jackets, scarves, shoulder bags, hats and many other items in the store.

The weaving group is situated about 3 km from Loei town centre. We offer tours to the site, we are happy to arrange a departure time to meet your needs and will stay at the site until you are ready to return. A great opportunity to see weaving using old style equipment up close. The retail store is full of goods and souvenirs, a great chance to buy local products that help support the local community also.

If you wish to get more information then please contact us via email – [email protected]
We reply to all emails within 24 hours. Or telephone 0956207570.

Here is a short video of two weavers at work.

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