Where is Suan Sawun National Park?

Suan Sawun National Park is about 6 km from Kun Ming Muang Loei and is still relatively unknown, by both foreign and Thai tourists.

How much is the entrance fee?

The cost to enter is 100 baht for a group of no more than 10 people. To enter the park you must ride a tractor this is 15 baht per person, this is for the ride in and the return trip.

What is Suan Sawun National Park?

Suan Sawun National Park is a rock garden similar to Kun Ming but here you are guided through caves underneath the rock formations.

The trail is a little more challenging here as some of the trail is loose stones and rocks with steel platforms scattered along the trail in the most uneven or steep places.

Once you enter you immediately encounter rock faces, caves, tree and plant roots. It is a sight to behold that such a place can be accessed like this.

Do you need a guide here?

Yes, you do. Each group is led by a guide who will constantly stop to point out interesting facts and rock formations that look similar to various animals. The guides also have torches to help light the way in the darker parts of the cave.

Park highlight.

The park highlight is a cave that can only be accessed from a small opening that has a short ladder descending down into the cave. Once at the bottom you will need to crouch down for a few metres to reach the part of the cave where you are able to stand upright.

Once inside this cave you will be met with what nature can achieve when left for a few million years.

Should I take my camera?

Yes, you should. There are many photo opportunities here. Just remember some of the caves will not have much natural light.

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