Phu Pa Por

Phu Pa Por.

Phu Pa Por is about 70 km fromĀ  Muang Loei.

Phu Pa Por has recently opened and is quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction. There is a new visitor and car park area. There are a number of vendors that are around the edge of this.

Under a roofed section at the top of the car park is the desk for buying your ticket, the charge is 60 baht per person for the round trip. The tractors will be lined up just outside this area.

The way to the top follows a single track road through the countryside. The view either side of the route up is very beautiful, the slow tractor ride up gives visitors a chance to take in some great scenery while enjoying a unique way of travel. There are seats at the front and back of each tractor. Sitting on the front seat on the way up gives unobstructed views.

In all there are four viewing points, the tractor will stop at each in order for you to get off and take some pictures. The fourth point requires a bit of a climb as the tractor can not go up the small path to the final point. The climb is about 220 metres along a winding path.

The last view point is worth the short climb, you have a great view of the surrounding valley.

Sometimes a guide will go with you to highlight the highlights of each stop. If you feel the guide has done a good job then a 20 or 40 baht tip is a usual reward. Of course any tipping and amounts are totally optional.

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