Kun Ming Muang Loei

Kun Ming Muang Loei

Kun Ming Muang Loei is a park of limestone rock formations that have been formed over millions of years. It is about 65 km from Muang Loei. The view from the top of the park is very beautiful and resembles Kun Ming in China, hence the name.

The visitor car park and visitor centre are surrounded by street venders offering food and drinks made to order so a great chance to build up energy levels before starting the trail.

Before entering Kun Ming Muang Loei park you must buy a ticket at the visitor centre, the price is 100 baht for each group of no more than ten. This comes with a guide who will lead you up the path and point out interesting facts on route, the guides speak very little English.

The climb is quite difficult as it follows a route through the limestone rocks, at one point you have to get down low to almost a crawl to go under a rock formation, this is only for a metre or so.

The trail takes you through the rock formations and forest.

The trail takes about one hour at a leisurely pace with rest points on the way to the top. The top has a viewing area that allows for some great photographs.

Once you have reached the top there is a route down to a side area that has Thai tractors waiting to take visitors back to the visitor centre. There are also souvenir vendors here selling local handicrafts. The fee for the tractor is 20 baht per person, the ride back is about 1 km. Some people choose to walk back.

If you feel the guide has done a good job and deserving of a tip then, 20 or 40 baht is usual. Of course this tip and the amount is totally optional.

Here is a photo gallery of Kun Ming Muang Loei.

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