Dansai is a small district town close to the border with Loas, about 95 kilometres from Loei town centre. This small peaceful town is now famous for its annual Phitakhon ‘Ghost mask’  festival.

This festival attracts Thai visitors from all over the country. Over the last few years the number of foreign visitors has greatly increased.

The festival has locals young and old dressing up in very colourful costumes donning large face masks. The festival is celebrated over three days from Friday through to Sunday. The festival is held on the first weekend after the sixth full moon, which is around mid-June.

Most visitors attend on the Saturday to see the parade through the town which starts at 10am and also to see the music concert.

This festival brings a very large amount of visitors to a small town so be prepared for crowds. The towns car parks soon fill up leaving visitors to find spaces at the side of the roads approaching the town. The town centre itself is closed off to road traffic. A good tip is to get to Dansai quite early in order to find a car parking space on the edge of Dansai facing the direction you wish to leave by. If you park on the road you approach Dansai on you will find it very time consuming to do a u-turn due to the large amount of traffic and limited roads that can be used.

Just outside Dansai is a very beautiful temple called Wat Neramit Wipattasana. It is situated on top of a hill off the Dansai to Phitsanulok road.

Naramit Wipsattasana Temple
Naramit Wipsattasana Temple approach path
Naramit Wipsattasana Temple
Naramit Wipsattasana Temple entrance arch
Naramit Wipsattasana Temple
Naramit Wipsattasana Temple grounds
Naramit Wipsattasana Temple
Naramit Wipsattasana Temple

The temple is made from reddish laterite stone. The founding monk of the temple has a wax statue of himself in front of his casket which is in a small building to the rear left of the main temple hall.

If you are looking to find a nice quiet place to take in some beautiful architecture and gardens then this is a good stop for you.

To find the temple head out of Dansai on the road to Phitsanulok after you turn right onto the Phitsanulok road then keep left and the entrance road will be only a short distance after the turn on your left.

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