Chiang Khan's main tourist street.

What is Chiang Khan?

Chiang Khan is a beautiful small district town on the Mekong River. Over the last few years the town has developed into a popular tourist destination for Thais and foreign visitors.

Are there tours to Chiang Khan from the guest house?

Yes, there are. At The Stay Guest House we offer a tour to Chiang Khan for only 1000 baht. This is a set fee for one car journey there and one back, the car can seat up to four people.

What time does the tour leave and return?

This tour leaves at around 16:30 to ensure we arrive in plenty of time for the sunset on The Mekhong River. From there we take you to the famous Chiang Khan walking street which is about 1 kilometre long where you can wander till your hearts content. We do not set a time for this we just arrange a time to meet up for the return journey home. This service is subject to availability, kindly contact us in advance should you wish to have this service.

What will I find in Chiang Khan?

Chiang Khan has maintained its traditional identity by ensuring that buildings in the town centre keep to a traditional Thai wooden style. As you walk through the main streets you will see Hotels, restaurants, Banks, retails outlets all having their own Thai traditional style that fits in so well and makes walking through Chiang Khan interesting and picturesque.

What time does the walking street open?

Traders along the main tourist street open for business at around 4pm, by 5pm the street is a bustle of people looking for bargains. The weekends are usually very busy. Most of the local Hotels, Guest Houses, etc.. will be displaying their ‘no vacancies’ signs.

What is Chiang Khan famous for?

Chiang Khan is famous for quilts and glaced coconut, the glaced coconut is very delicious so don’t forget to buy some before you leave.

Are there boats trips?

Yes, just next to this main street is the Mekong River, there are boat trips available at Geng Kud Koo, which is about three kilometers from Chiang Khan. You can take a relaxing trip along the Mekong River taking in views of the banks of Thailand and Loas, which is only a short distance across the river.

Don’t miss the sunset.

Sunset on the Mekong River is a must see. As the sun set approaches the birds on the river take off in groups looking for a place to rest for the night. The setting sun provides a beautiful orange glow across the river along the banks of Thailand and Loas. A great photo opportunity.

What else is there to see in Chiang Khan?

As you approach Chiang Khan from Loei there is a temple on one of the hills just before the town that gives a great panoramic view of the valley and Chiang Khan itself. The temple gives you an opportunity to admire a beautiful Buddha statue and have a great photo opportunity.

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